This website is the official ‘Gadget Books’ place. What are ‘Gadget Books’?
They are a series of journals that are designed for different people and functions and are of an unusual design.
To better understand what this means, each book has a central theme and content, but also has a basket of neat and useful tools to add value to a normally plain journal.
The books are marketed through Amazon and the links below take you directly to the Amazon listing where you may easily make a purchase. If you would like to browse through the pages, there is a ‘View PDF’ here for each journal.
The journals are 8″ x 10″ with an attractive glossy cover. Most are from 140 pages to 188 pages.

Welcome 1

The Gadget Book is what all creative people should have handy. 

Have you ever needed to jot down that:

  • website URL
  • or an email address, or social platform name
  • what about a simple to-do and daily appointment entry
  • or videos, movies, and songs?

Or how about:

  • making a diagram or plan
  • or a perspective sketch
  • or map
  • your own tick-tack-toe or sudoku puzzle?

The 173 page Gadget Book allows you to create these notes and more. Don’t leave home without it!

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Welcome 3

The Gadget Book for Travelers is a great aid for anyone that does a lot of traveling – whether business or personal.

  • Easily log important travel statistics
  • Record destination information
  • Log data for tax purposes

The book also includes:

  • travel charts
  • maps
  • forms and rules
  • travel-time doodles

The Gadget Book for Travelers can serve as a trusty travel companion. Don’t leave home without it!

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Welcome 5

The Gadget Book for Artists is for artists and art students needing a handy reference and sketchbook.

What’s inside?

  • Drawing references – pencils, paper, etc.
  • Basic composition rules and examples
  • Sketching pages – plain
  • Sketching pages – grids
  • Drawing pages – perspective and isometric
  • Cartoon panels pages

All this plus some fun doodles!The Gadget Book for Artists is a trusty art companion. Don’t go sketching without it!

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Welcome 7

The Gadget Book Daily Planner isn’t just a simple planner like many others. 

Being a ‘gadget’ book, this means it includes additional gizmos and gadgets to help you better organize, plan, and record your important activities.

Helps like these:

  • Not one but several calendars with different functions
  • Quick references
  • Important reminders for the year
  • Entrys and lists pages
  • Project pages

The Gadget Book Daily Planner is a total planning toolbox. Don’t try planning without it!

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Welcome 9

The Gadget Book of Lists gives you a variety of different list formats that can be customized to your own needs.

List formats like:

  • An index of lists
  • Simple single column lists
  • Columnar lists with headings
  • Block lists
  • Matrixes
  • Plus, a few dot grid pages and others

Keep all of your lists in one place! The Gadget Book gives you your lists in a handy single journal format.

Welcome 2

The Gadget Book series is published by ELTEK Publishing